Future has who makes it.

Scenario Analysis

You anticipate a learning organization that can handle complexity and uncertainty even better? You would like to create a robust and stable strategy for your future which is more flexibly taking into account the changing environment? You want to promote interdisciplinary, networked and future-oriented thinking in your company?

The desire for precise predictions and reliable statements concerning the future is enormous. In the age of the "VUCA world" one-dimensional forecasts are too speculative and help only very little. High quality scenarios, however, give orientation. Today they are, complemented by good ideas, the nucleus of innovation and growth. A key feature of the scenario technique lies in the professional interaction between creative and scientific inputs, which are based on strategic thinking and acting, networked patterns of thoughts and a multiple future.

Scenario methods range from purely qualitative approaches based on plausible descriptions of development paths to purely quantitative methods.

Market & Beyond designs and moderates scenario workshops tailored to your purpose and will accompany you in scenario transfer.