Make market dynamics transparent,

for sound decisions.

Market Intelligence (MI)

Your aim is to expand into new markets and regions? You would like to manage your business agile and avoid surprises while making decisions on investments? Are you looking early for demand trends, opportunities and innovation prospects?

Numbers and figures do help, but very often they do not represent the real picture sufficiently as they cannot draw the full picture in its entire complexity. Market intelligence goes deeper and further. Underpin and support your decisions with research-based insights to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunities.

Market & Beyond helps you identify, visualize and evaluate the diverse and sometimes complex relationships of your markets. Depending on your needs and requirements, MI analysis combine:

  • Status analysis of various areas of the market environment in particular customers and competitors (Competitive Intelligence)
  • Analysis of the inter-actions between stakeholders within the business environment
  • Szenario analysis on plausible alternative developments beyond the classical way of forecasting